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tv   The Rundown With Jose Diaz- Balart  MSNBC  December 2, 2014 6:00am-8:01am PST

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hey're all going to be in your new book? >> i will put them in my book but no. i swear i have something in common with them jen. don't look so horrified. we're going to this be hosts and presenters at tonight's leoreal women of worth. it's an amazing group of women. karen has asked me to be there. thank you so much. i'm so excited. it's such a great event. and we'll have some video tomorrow. >> peter orzag who wrote for bloomberg about the left-handed thick with behavioral issues true. but he's left-handed. >> it's time for morning joe. now it's time for "the rundown" straight ahead. have a great day. >> take care. good morning. i'm jose diaz-balart. and now immigration showdown and three big developments today. right now homeland security development jeh johnson, the the architect of obama's executive action on immigration is
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stepping into the lion's den on capitol hill. he is sure to face pretty tough questioning from republican members of the homeland security committee on the directive that we'll shield up to 5 million immigrants from deportation. this is just one of two immigration hearings. and they come as speaker john boehner huddles behind closed doors with republicans. in about an hour, we're expected to hear how the gop will respond to the president's immigration move. kelly o'donnell is following the developments from capitol hill, and here from miami, i'm joined by usa today immigration reporter. kelly, let's start with you. this is the first hearing on capitol hill since the president's executive action. what are we expecting today? >> well this has been a buildup from the moment it was widely rumored and expected the president would take action to the point he announced it publicly, the gears were rolling for this hearing. expect tough questioning of jeh johnson, who has been really as you put it, the architect, looking at all the ways the
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president could use his legal authority to deal with issues like deportations in the law. many republican members believe the president exceeded his authority and by doing so may have undercut the potential for passage of a bill with the new congress. that's widely debated. whether they would really act or not. but a lot of intense questioning about the president's past statements about immigration and the limits of his authority, and what the administration elected to do with the executive actions the president signed. this will be loaded with politics and policy woven there u. expect it to be at times heated. jeh johnson is is a long-time professional in these settings. expect him to push back where he needs to. and also expect to hear democrats defending the president's action talking about the need to take some steps that can be done within the law. debating about the parameters of the law is at the heart of this this, but poll the ticks woven
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through and through. jose? >> and these hearings are taking place with john boehner plus his next move on immigration. what do you think he's going to do? >> well there are different factions within the republican conference on the house side who look at this differently. quite a number of republicans believe changes to the immigration laws should take place. whether they consider that border enforcement or changes to help employers or internal enforcement dealing with visas and those matters. the issue of legal status and a path to citizenship is always the hot button. what kinds of options do house members have? the the power of the purse, the ability to authorize spending to carry out any policies is one of the biggest levers that they have. and that's some of what they'll talk about in terms of a strategy. can they try to pass bills to undo what the president has done or to change the direction or can they withhold funding to some of these activities to slow the president down? that's the kind of debate that's going on. there is not one voice or one answer within the republican party. ft jose? is and kelly, i'll ask you to stay with us throughout the
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remainder of these two hours, keeping a close watch on what's going on on capitol hill this morning. usa today's iman is here with me. it's a pleasure to see you. let's talk about what the republicans are considering, are facing and how they have to focus their rejection of the president's immigration action without jep setting the latino community. >> and that's a tough line they have to walk for the next few weeks. when you look at the reaction initially people were screaming impeachment. we can forget about that now. we can put that to to the side. there's still the possibility of a lawsuit against the president. >> already on the health care bill. >> exactly. why not jump on with immigration? but i think what we're going to see is really trying to use the funding bill kelly was talking about. u.s. immigration services is the federal agency to handle these million applications to apply for the president's program.
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so the fees that they collect from every time you get a green card, a visa things like that that funds the agency. some in congress think they can still get in the way and block the funding from being used on these programs. >> also a smaller group as they analyze whey they can really do. in your article on today's usa today, you write there's a lot at stake for both political parties on this. and what do you mean by that? >> on the the one hand you have right now democrats, everybody who is a democratic candidate, everybody is who is a presidential candidate, they're very excited right now. >> exactly. exactly. but going guard, looking at 2016, what the president did, this has been almost unanimously approved by the hispanic community. and we know how important they're going to be in the 2016 election. republicans now have to be careful. if they spend the next couple of years doing nothing but fighting the president's plan it's going to be very difficult for femme to make an argument to that
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hispanic electorate come 2016. they have to come back with some sortover lugs or way of saying here's our plan here's our offer. take it or leave it president obama. or they may be in really big trouble. zblf the other issue is how the administration will deal with the bureaucratic realities of five 5.5 million people coming into the system. >> right. >> there was some minor problems with doca but that was about 700,000 people. this is 5 million people. and we have to see how they handle that. >> exactly. the process that they went through to take in all those recipients was a complicated one. it's not easy proving that you've been in the country for a certain period of time that you're paying certain amounts of taxes. it's not easy for somebody whose life is hiding in the shadows and trying to avoid detection. those were easier. they had school records and medical records. now all the parents will have a lot harder time proving that. >> i'm going to show you our friends watching at home. this is secretary jeh johnson. he's starting right now. let's take a listen to the
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beginning of this hearing this morning on capitol hill. so it's just getting started right now. as soon as he getting ready to gorks we'll probably -- we'll be checking in with this hearing throughout the morning. but back to the issue of 5 million people who have lived their lives in the united states avoiding any detection, now they're going to have show all kinds of documents. the other concern that i have is the many people even within the hispanic community already coming out to steal money from the the hispanic undocumented community. by saying i'm a notary. come and i'll work your paperwork. >> yeah. no. we saw this. we see this undocumenteded immigrants are taken advantage of from the second they go through mexico. be it people trying to help them across the border. but applying for the programs
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people who say they're attorneys. people who have been charged for just the application, when it's free online anybody can get it. and so that's a very big concern that there's a giant population of people that are huge targets. and to be victims and really taken advantage of of. >> we have to be as a community really -- we have to warn everybody not to be victims. it's really dangerous. >> what a pleasure. thanks for being with us this morning. >> appreciate it. we'll be keeping an eye on the homeland security meeting all morning long. it's just getting under way. we'll bring you updates throughout the remainder of the program. but quickly to the white house with the fallout from ferguson was front and center as president obama met with elected officials, chiefs of police activists, and promised programs to bring police and communities together. he also unveiled a new plan for police officers to wear body cameras. moon while, attorney general eric holder said he'll announce new justice department guidelines aimed at ending racial profiling in the next
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couple of days. joining me now is chris jansing. good morning. >> good morning, jose. >> tell us about this presidential plan. >> he's a good bit of the last several weeks working on this. and unveiled a number of things yesterday, including a request for $263 million. 75 million would go in a matching fund programs to communities to help 50,000 programs. these are the cameras that you wear on your lapels. obviously it's a very important piece of evidence is there any any confrontation. particularly violent confrontation between police and a member of the community. so in this yearlong study in california with half of the members of the police force wearing it abuse, complaints of police abuse were down 88%. the use of force was way down as well. down 60%. here's what the president had to say about it yesterday.
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>> in the two years i have remaining as president, i'm going to make sure that we follow through. not to solve every problem, not to tear down every barrier of mistrust that may exist. but to make things better. and that's how progress is always made in this great country of ours. >> yeah the president was responding to what he anticipated would be rolling eyes that he's naming another task force to move forward with these issues. he says this time it will be different because this time it has the force of the president of the united states behind it as well as obviously outgoing attorney general -- as well as eric holder. >> chris jansing from the white house, thank you very much. and we're just getting started on this tuesday edition of the the rundown. up next eureka. it's gold in california that is right now getting soaked. the storm brings potential for mud and rock slide like we saw in malibu yesterday. bill karins will have the
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forecast next. but first, take a look at today's action in washington, d.c. among several planner events. a high stakes foreign policy speech from senator ted cruz. looking at domestic violence and professional sports. and this evening, a christmas story. speaker john boehner will oversee the lighting of the the u.s. capitol tree. we're expecting to hear from the speaker after meeting with his caucus later in today's rundown. ♪ we asked people a question how much money do you think you'll need when you retire? then we gave each person a ribbon to show how many years that amount might last.
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your doctor about cialis for daily use and a free 30-tablet trial. this is the equivalent of the sugar in one regular soda. and this is one soda a day over an average adult lifetime. but there's a better choice. drink more brita water. welcome back. a live look here on capitol hill. right now the the chair of the house homeland security meeting just finished his opening remarks. ben any johnson is up now. their witness, homeland secretary jeh johnson who will keep a close watch on this hearing.
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and house speaker john baneer is trying to figure out if it's time toe make a deal go full throttle confrontational. casey hunt is live on the hill with what's driving d.c. good morning. >> good morning, jose. >> we're going to hear from the speaker in the next hour. any clues to what we may hear from him? >> well the question is whether or not he can convince the caucus that the plan they're coalescing around is one that can satisfy the conservative anger over his executive order. the funding expires on december 11th for a full year while leaving funding for immigration enforcement related agencies on more temporary basis. they might also allow a symbolic vote on another immigration bill that could take direct aim at the president's executive order, basically saying the federal government doesn't have the power to allow, to tell the
6:15 am
states that they have to accept these people as legals. so we'll see what he's able to come up with. and i think, you know we're going to hear from him later on in your show and you know we should get a sense of how well this is going for him. obviously in the past, he's really struggle led to keep that conservative wing together. and he's still going to be dealing with that group here in this situation. now that could change for him a little bit when his new group comes in next year. >> well and that's certainly what some are hoping. but we'll see if that is true or not. but turning to a couple of 2016 notes. reporting this morning that senator rand paul will seek re-election in his kentucky senate race. what does this mean for 2016? >> so senator paul has said that he's going to run for senate. but the question is whether he will run for president. he says that decision is still four to six months off. but kentucky has a law on the books that says no person's name can appear on the ballot more
6:16 am
than once. so senator paul's team is working very hard blind the scenes to allow him to run in a presidential primary and also allow him to run for the senate. the first way of going about the plan failed in november when they failed to allow -- to get republicans -- excuse me -- to take over the state house and the democrats who controlly control the state house basically say no way no how are we going to pass a law to get rid of this. the the other idea is to have a caucus. because that would be different than the primary. >> and rob portman is out? >> sort of sooner than we might have expected. he says he's running for his seat in the senate. ohio is a key swing state. keeping that in republican hands will be a top priority for mitch mcconnell, but of course this sort of sends port man to the stop of the presidential vice presidential pick list.
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>> casey hunt is covering it all on capitol hill. thank you. and we expect to hear from boehner at the top of the hour. also be talking about the other big 2016 headline this is morning. jeb bush opening up about his possible presidential run. now to a weather alert out west. heavy rain threatening mutt slides and fash floods. take a look at that. massive mudslide. the the mud was three-feet deep in some places and you can see people here preparing because the fresh soaking of rain is on the way. meteorologist bill karins joins me live. good morning. zblf good morning to you. liquid gold jose. that's what they're calling this rainstorm. this is the first of the rainy season. it really goes november to march and when california gets their rains, it's typically those three months. so this is a good start to the rainy season.
6:18 am
here's why. 94% swooefr drought. this is about the the worst we've seen since we started keeping track ufds of 2 droughts. the storm is pin wheeling off the coast. just a perfect setup. and the green is the rain. the white is the bright clouds. and it's right where it needs to be, from san francisco down to the mountains of l.a. the rain itself is mostly today and tomorrow showers. but we're getting soaked already. los angeles has had on and off light rain. now it's increasing in intensity. it will do so throughout the peek of your morning rush hour. and it's been pouring all night long. one of the biggest rain events all the way back to february or march, just to give you an idea of how little rain they've had. and today is the big day, jose. and through wednesday, still showery hout there.
6:19 am
and another kpans of another storm in four or five days. and six inches of rain in the mountain with this storm. we would need ten of these to take a dent out of the drought. >> bill karins thank you so very much. tomorrow more storm and maybe in the the future again. thanks, bill. up next we're going to finish off today's top stories and developing overnight in hong kong, three protest leaders say they'll turn themselves in to calm the violence while a fourth goes on a hunger strike. the latest coming up on the rundown. we're also going to keep a very close watch on the hearing on capitol hill. jeh johnson is starting to speak. let's listen for a bit. >> we have not always agreeded. but i do appreciate the friendship and the collegiality that we enjoy between individual members of this kmu and their staffs and me and my staff. this is the the 12th time i've
6:20 am
testified before congress in 11 months. fifth time before this committee. i feel like i know a number of you well. on november 20th the president announceded a series of executive actions to begin to fix our immigration system. the president views these alaskas as a first step towards reform of the system and continues to count on congress for the more comprehensive reform that only legislative changes can provide. the actions we took will begin to fix the system in a number of respects. to promote border security for the future. and to send a strong message that our borders are no open to illegal immigration. we prioritize those apprehended at the border and those who came here ill lislely after january 1, 2014. regardless of where they are apprehended. we also announced the nextsteps
6:21 am
to strengthen border security u efforts as part of the southern border campaign strategy, which i first announced earlier this h year, to promote public safety. ft we made clear those convicts of crimes criminal street gang members and national security threats are priorities for preremoval. we encourage those undocumented immigrants who have been here for at least five years have sons or daughters who are citizens or lawful permanent residents and do not fall into one of our enforcement priorities to come out of the shadows, get on the books and pass national security and criminal background checks. after clearing all their background checks these individuals are eligible for work authorization and will be able to pay taxes and contribute more fully to our economy. the reality is that given our limited resources, these people are not and have not been for years priorities for removal.
6:22 am
it's time we acknowledge that and encourage them e to be held accountable. this is simple common sense. to rebuild trust with state and local law enforcement, which are no longer honor inging detainers. we are making a fresh start with a new program that fixes existing problems. to promote u.s. citizenship, we will enable applicants to pay the $680 naturalization fee by credit card and expand citizen public awareness. to promote the u.s. economy, we will take administrative actions to better enable u.s. businesses to hire and obtain qualified, highly skilled foreign born workers. the reality is that for decades presidents have used executive authority to enhance immigration policy. president obama views these
6:23 am
actions as a first step towards the reform of the system and continues to count on congress for the more comprehensive reform that only changes in law can provide. i would welcome the opportunity to work with members of this committee on comprehensive legislation reform. i recommended each of the homeland security reforms to the immigration system that he has decided to pursue. these were the result of extended and candid consultations i had with the leadership of immigration and customs enforcement, and u.s. citizenship and immigration services, i long the way, i also spoke with members of the workforce who implement and enforce the law to hear their views. in my own view any significant change in policy requires close consultation with those who administer the system. we also consulted a wide range
6:24 am
of stake holders, including business and labor leaders, law enforcement officers religious leaders and members of congress from both sides of the aisle. we also consulted with the department of justice and we received a formal written opinion from the justice department's office of legal counsel, concerning enforcement prioritization and action. that opinion has been made public. thank you for your attention to these remarxes i look forward to your questions. >> secretary jeh johnson giving his opening remarks. you can expect fireworks coming on this hearing today between the the republicans and the secretary because there are a lot of republicans upset about the president's unilateral decision on immigration, which secretary johnson says is going to benefit the u.s. economy in a number of ways. we're going to keep a very close watch on this. trust me you will want to stick around on this one. because it is just getting started. we're going to take a short
6:25 am
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now back to the nation's capitol, and it is not just immigration. 30 minutes from now, two house sub committees will hold the giant hearing to look at the way the u.s. has been fighting isis militants. but this morning, we got news that could add a new wrinkle to the fight. nbc news has confirmed that one of the wives and one of the sons of the isis leader have been arrested in lebanon. remember, the u.s. has a $10 million bounty on this guy's head. we didn't get him, but we may have gotten one step closer. adam shift is on the house intelligence. the perfect man to have on right now. congressman, good to see you. >> good to see you. >> so talk to me about this news that while they didn't watch him, but they may have one of his wives.
6:29 am
he may have three wives. but is this good for the future? >> well it's certainly helpful in terms of gaining some intelligence about him. i don't expect we're going to get a lot of insights in terms of isis military strategy. probably not something he discusses with his sec wife. but in terms of where he lives, how he lives. how his inner circle works, with, we may get important insights in that. i'm sure the lebanese are looking at the opportunity for potential prisoner shop. they hold them hostage. and so it's unclear whether the holding of baghdadi's wife is going to help. but i'm sure they're looking at it from the potential of a hostage swap. >> interesting she would be going into lebanon, leaving the war torn areas of syria and iraq, huh? >> it is. and it may help us to say
6:30 am
something or tell us about what kind of pressure is being applied. there have been reports that he was seriously injured in an air strike and sought medical treatment. we may learn more about that from the second wife as well. >> and another report says the the u.s. is close. have you heard anything publicly? >> nothing i can discuss publicly. but this would be a big development. it would pose a lot of challenges for the united states. in partnership with turkey try to create this exclusive zone. it may put them at odds tw the planes of bashar al-assad if he tries to train the troops prektsedded in the safe zone. it may put us in direct conflict
6:31 am
with iran is which is helping to prop up the regime. so it also could broaden the conflict and enup esd up escalating the problem as well. >> the proposed no fly zone in syria, you say it's critical. you're saying there's a possibility that creating a no-fly zone first it would have to come out of turkey. and it would change the dynamics of the war. >> i can only discuss they've had talk of creating an exclus nar zone. not within turkey but syria itself. a combination of air power in the zone as well as troops on the ground protecting that. . that would allow these so-called moderate rebels that are trying to stand up the to have a safe space to operate where they wouldn't be vulnerable to attacks by isis and the regime.
6:32 am
right now the forces that we are trying to set up potentially, or support are in between a rock and a hard place. they're being confronted by isis. they're being barrel bombed by the regime on the other. and they're in a very precarious situation. so this would present a lifeline to those forces and that could be very significant. >> and i'm wondering, congressman, because when you look at the map of syria, you see what part of syria is controlled by isis. what part is pretty much not controlleded by anybody and what part is controlled by the regime. yet it still hangs on. what is it that keeps this dictator still in power? >> well, i would say two things, really. iran and russia. and particularly iran. without iran without the support of hezbollah, the regime i think would have fallen a long time ago. russia has been important in terms of providing military equipment and supplies. but iran provides the military leadership and training.
6:33 am
some of the ground troops special to keep this h in place. and there's going to be a civil war raging because the zir yean people will never accept ap country ruled by bashar al assad after his human rights atrocities. as long as he's there, the civil rights war will go on. and then there will be space for groups like isis. >> thank you so much for being with me. appreciate your time. >> thank you, jose. >> much more up thex. president obama improving relationships between the police and the communities they serve. we'll talk about the guidelines something new york city mayor bill de blasio says is important for his own family. >> i'll feel it from a family perspective. what it means that people have to wonder if their child will come home at night. the president referred when he met my son dante. i think every night about my son, making sure he comes hope
6:34 am
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one of the biggest x-factors in american's foreign policy comes down to one question who will replace defense secretary chuck hagel? andrea mitchell reports the announcement could come as early as tomorrow. and sources tell her the the nominee will not be homeland security secretary jeh johnson. that makes former deputy secretary of defense ashton carter the favorite. meanwhile, secretary hagel will be at the white house to meet with president obama and vice president booid biden. ambassador, good to see you this morning. >> good morning, jose. >> good morning. how do you think the next secretary of defense will play in shaping u.s. foreign policy how important is that role? >> it's going to be critical
6:37 am
because after all he encountered so many challenges with the particular security staff, i think the president is looking for someone who is going to be able to manage the military operations in the middle east particularly against isis as you know jose also the president has left some residual force in afghanistan. we've had to reintegrate advisers into iraq and all this requires better coordination between the military the national security council staff, where there is undoubtedly as you know and as rich article engle reported a significant amount of friction. >> the a.p. did a story talking about that friction or rift between the president and the pentagon. and we're about the white house micro managing pretty much everything. you've seen the relationship up close. is the administration well in a way, shooting itself in the foot on this? >> well it's hard to tell. these are people i have known for many years. the fact of the matter is this
6:38 am
is a very closeted national security council staff that winds up in the end doing politically what the president wants and then disagreeing with the secretary of state as well as the secretary of defense. both leon panetta and bob gates have written books as well as clinton, explaining the differences and disagreements, particularly with respect to syrian policy that emerged during the obama administration. and that is largely rubbed what is essentially the key national security secretaries the wrong way. carter who has been second in command at the pentagon has an intellectual pedigree but doesn't have the military experience. how important is military experience for a secretary of defense? >> i know ash carter for almost 15 years, jose.
6:39 am
he has spent so much time on the procurement side and managing day-to-day operations of the pentagon. and while he may not necessarily have on the top of his rez nay the military experience, let me tell you, for someone who has been trusted by both the military and the white house, and by the other cabinet secretaries, ashton is just a terrific person, and if indeed the president does nominate him, i'm quite certain while he may not have the word general in front of him, he has the respect of the military behind him. >> and the confirmation process, you think, will go easier than it would with maybe somebody else? >> i suspect so. look, this is difficult under any circumstances. but it comes down to how senator mccain who will be the chairman of the armed services committee, how he'll manage the confirmation process. i know john mccain quite well as well. and i know he has enormous respect for carter as well. >> thank you so much for being with me this morning.
6:40 am
>> good to be here jose. >> and don't forget about the isis hearing. we'll keep an eye on it and tells you what happened but after the break, the fallout from ferguson reaches the white house. plus nfl star ray rice joins the exclusive interview. he says he wants to move forward learning from his domestic violence scandal. >> i want my wife my daughter my family to -- we all want to gravitate. we all want our lives back. i realize football is one thing. but i realize the amount of people we've affected the amendment of families we've affected domestic violence is a real issue in society. >> we'll be hearing more from ray rice and his wife coming up in the next hour. ers in new markets face a choice: do it fast and cheap.
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new raw reaction from the ferguson community during the latest meeting of the commission tasked by missouri's governor with fighting solutions to community problems following michael brown's fatal shooting. this was the commission's first meeting since the grand jury's decision not to indict officer darren wilson. >> you don't know our plight unless you walk in our shoes. i mean there's a lot of underlying issues. >> st. louis is the most racist city in the country. >> if i'm in trouble, i want the police to protect me. however, i don't want them to abuse me. >> i believe each one of you understand the fact that you are in a crisis. >> y'all be prepared. this is not over. it's nowhere near over. >> joining me now is nbc news political reporter. good morning. >> good morning. >> you can hear their frustration. it's palpable.
6:45 am
what is president obama and the attorney general saying? >> the big thing they talked about yesterday were two ideas. the first is the notion of expanding the use of body camera cameras for police officer. the white house announced they're going to fund 55,000 new cameras. there's a police task force that the white house will have. not in ferguson only but around the country. the idea is task force will present ideas about better training and other ideas to improve policing. those are the two core ideas that the white house is talking about right now. >> and members o it have congressional black caucus spoke about ferguson yesterday. let's listen to some of that. >> the things that we're talking about is trying to bring about change, not just for our young people today but for generations yet unborn. >> that is what we're asking for. a simple justice to allow everyone to stand at the table of opportunity, equality and rightness. >> racism is still alive and
6:46 am
well in the united states of america. we've got work to do. >> what's the reaction you're hearing there in washington? >> i'm hearing two different reactions. the first is the president had three meetings on the issue of ferguson yesterday. it's pretty unusual to do that. three meetings in the same issue in the same day. some feel like that's great. you can tell he's focused on this. i talked to one of the young activists who attended the meeting with him. he made the comment that body cameras are a band-aid on a much bigger problem. he's not sure that the solutions have been strong enough and are really going to solve the problem. >> perry, thank you very much. i want to bring in the president of global grind, michael attended the president's meeting about ferguson at the white house. good to see you. thanks. >> thank you for having me jose. >> thanks. tell me about what went on dur that meeting. >> as perry just mentioned. there was a lot of young people in the room. some folks for ferguson.
6:47 am
some folks from ohio. and there was a real honest conversation. we salt there for almost two and a half hours. and the president listened. the president allowed -- there was a lot of pain in the room. there was a lot of pain from mayor de blasio. as you teaseded earlier in the program about what's going on in our communities, and the president just linedded edlistened and allowed people to speak in a very honest way. i was very impressed with his leadership on this issue, not just yesterday. but he allowed young people to have a seat at the table and tell them what's happening in their communities without holding back. >> and michael, you spent time with michael brown's mother last week when she was in new york. you sat with her for hours sharing a meal. and you both talked about your sons. talk to me about that. >> i have a 1 and a half-year-old beautiful child, and she has four children. michael being one of them. her oldest. we sat until the early hours of the morning just a week ago. i think it was important as we move forward that we do not
6:48 am
forget that these are families that have lost the children. this is a mother and a father and a stepmother and a stepfather who have lost their child. brothers and sisters who have lost their brother. yes, we have a lot of work to do in washington and in states and in cities across this country, but let will never be another day for michael brown in this country. her mother will never see her child grow up in this country. we have to wrap love and compassion and hugs and warmth around the family. not just for michael brown but trayvon martin his family. this is an epidemic we have in this country. i appreciate the president taking a strong stance in this and leadership and allowing young people to have a voice and continue to lead. without them, without the young people on the ground every single day for 110 dieays hands up united millennial's all the folks who have shown they will no go away unless the problem is
6:49 am
solved. let us follow in their footsteps, follow their lead to a better tomorrow. >> and, michael, just yesterday i was reading here in south florida area a young kid was shot because somebody else wanted his headphones he had. that kid is also not going to see christmas, is not going to see his -- his parents aren't going to see him. there's a culture of violence and life seems to be cheaper these days. it's not just on the cases you mentioned. there's also the case of the killed because somebody wanted his headphones. >> there's a tremendous problem in our communities. there's thousands of people working toward the solution. it's different to discuss black on black crime than discussing police crime. we expect as the lady said in that talk in ferguson we expect police officers to protect and serve us. not kill us. so it's quite different, you know, there are amazing programs working in chicago and new york and florida and los angeles that we support and that we fund.
6:50 am
and lift the voices up and not put the two together. what happened in ferguson should not happen in any community across this country. the young man died in florida that should also not happen. we codo work on both. >> thank you so much. appreciate your time. still ahead on "the rundown" president obama takes his case for more ebola funding to the national institute of health. where doctors may be on the verge of vaccine breakthrough. the details on today's visit. that's why we created programs which encourage people to take their medications regularly. so join us as we raise a glass to everyone who remembered today. bottoms up, america. see you tomorrow. same time. another innovation from cvs health. because health is everything.
6:51 am
6:52 am
with america officially ebola free president obama will head to the nih to congratulate top doctors and make his case for more money from congress. the president's visit comes just days after we got word that a new vaccine could be on the horizon. maggy fox is with us. thank you for being with me maggie. tell me about the trip.
6:53 am
>> he's there to make the pitch for the $6 billion pitch and to help develop some of the vaccines and therapeutics for the ebola victims. a team at the nih said one of the several vaccines they're testing against ebola seems to be safe and indicate it will be effective in fighting the virus. the world health organization warns that a vaccine isn't going to be ready any time soon enough to have any effect on the growing epidemic there which seems to be leveling out in some areas. nonetheless, president obama wants to make his case that we need to keep investing in the three west africa countries for the foreseeable future to make sure future ebola outbreaks don't come. >> maggie fox, thank you. great work. appreciate it. and comeing up as we take the turn on "the rundown," hillary clinton gave a big speech last night but the 2016 buzz this morning is about jeb. the sound you need to hear straight ahead.
6:54 am
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...weigh you down? don't wait ask your doctor about spiriva handihaler. and developing right now on "the rundown" it's the second hour of the immigration show down between republicans and homeland security secretary jay johnson. right now, as you can see, they are speaking to him. he had an opening statement in the last hour. we'll be carrying, of course, more of that and keeping a close watch on that. at any moment we're expecting to hear from house speaker john boehner how republicans plan to respond to the president's directive that could block the deportation of 5 million immigrants. they have been peppering secretary johnson about the president's immigration action. >> i'm satisfied, as a lawyer myself, and the person who has to come here and defend these actions that what we have done
6:58 am
is well within our existing legal authority. >> i have no doubt with respect to your integrity, but i think the timing of these statements makes it look more political to me. this is a political decision rather than a policy decision. >> and watching all the action for us is nbc capitol hill correspondent kelly o'donnell and congressional reporter. kelly, so far no major fireworks but republicans have told secretary that it seems as the president's decision was more political in nature than a policy decision. >> jose i wouldn't say fireworks in terms of raised voice and pounding fists. nothing like that but pointed questions. kind of taking apart from republican perspective because they were the first questioners. some of the key issues and then from democrats a hearty defense of this policy and the reasons for the president taking action the absence of any congressional
6:59 am
action lead by house republicans to make reforms with respect to immigration. tough questions about issues like is it legal? the secretary said yes, it is. is it amnesty? no it's not. talking about the number of entrants into the u.s. illegally. he said the number for the current year is about 479,000. as to how many that would be detentions and sent back. he said how many have made it in? some number greater than that. about 500,000 as an estimate. some of the concerns for republicans is enough being done to secure the border. jay johnson fired back they have asked for additional funding for some border security aspects things like a detention center in texas that haven't been funded yet. he expressed frustration that congress isn't backing up on the piece. when everybody believes in border security. no raised voices but tense and pointed questioning on substantiative issues taking apart what is in the executive
7:00 am
actions and some of the main concerns congress has going forward. >> and while the homeland security hearing is underway and kelly was saying, i mean there was no pointed -- there was no loud screaming but very pointed questioning. we're expecting to hear from john boehner any minute how republicans will respond to the president's executive action. what is boehner likely to do? >> probably punt until next year. i think you'll see symbolic action taken in the house and a resolution to calling for the president saying to the president say of overstepped his boundary that the executive branch doesn't have the legal authority to exempt certain people under this directive, but that will not carry the day in the senate which is controlled by democrats, of course and it doesn't look like boehner is going to tie it to the spending bill that would potentially lead to a government shut down. the speaker wants to avoid that
7:01 am
option. mitch mcconnell wants to avoid that option. instead, it looks like they're going to do something on a short term basis on funding the immigration agency so they can renew the fight early next year when they have the majority in the senate a bigger majority in the house. i think that's when you're going to see the big fight happen. right now you're going to hear a lot of people complain and take a more symbolic gesture. >> as you said punting until the next congress, but do you think the speaker will have it any easier in the congress specifically, for example, immigration reform? he said forever he wanted it he brought out the posters with the principles on immigration reform. that was quickly shelved when he got a lot of opposition. what leads us believe or does it it's going have an easier route next year? >> i don't i had he necessarily will. one way he -- a little bit easier he has a bigger majority.
7:02 am
some folks had he risk losing support from on the far right he can potentially get some support from folks that are more on the moderate main stream establishment type mold within his conference. but still the republican conference in the house andis united against the president's plan. it's unlikely that boehner wants to do anything on a comprehensive basis on immigration next year. maybe they'll do things in a piecemeal basis going after the president, but, of course, that's going to potentially set up a larger confrontation with the white house and getting anything resolved is probably very doubtful at the moment. >> and, kelly, if they delay, delay, delay the big elephant in the room is 2016. >>well, i think one of the differences that will make a critical strategy change for john boehner is he'll have mitch connell in charge of the senate. if they were to go piecemeal as suggested, taking a slice of the immigration issue, passing it
7:03 am
through the house it would get a more receptive reaction on the senate side. they would need to get some democrats involved. it couldn't be just a republican issue. in the current standing harry reid would not do a piece by piece approach. he wanted the comprehensive approach. so strategically that will make a difference. we'll have to see where the political whims are and what sort of stamina there will be. you're right the 2016 element will be there. if they can get some action on some of the easier aspects whether it's border security or dealing with certain types of visa and changing how they're regulated. not the path to citizenship. not the legal status part but some of the other areas because it is such a large and complex issue. it they could get some action there. move something forward that might change the dynamic and give republicans some cover on the issue as they move forward. won't be easy but the dynamic in the next congress will be different. if you would stay with us as we wait for speaker boehner to
7:04 am
arrive and hear his comments together. i want to go to the white house to get the reaction from the white house. chris jansing joins us. how does the white house see what is playing out on the hill? >> well, look i think they have felt very confident all along in the actions they have taken on immigration. and i think just to echo what kelly has to say. we're going have to see what the strategy is. the white house is waiting to see what happens on the hill when you have mitch mcconnell in charge. but they feel like there's nowhere to go essentially but up. they agree and at least i should say they accept the leaders there at their word there is no plan for a government shut down and since they feel so confident about the legal standing for what they've done for them, the only way to go is up. the only way to go is expand. but, again, they're waiting to see exactly how it plays out come january. >> and there's no doubt, chris, there are so many political implications to the president's
7:05 am
unilateral decision and the reaction of the republicans. >>well, and they knew that going in. they knew there was going to be a fight on their hands on both sides, frankly. they knew they weren't going to go as far as some people who have been pushing for immigration reform would like them to have gone. they listened to that. but as you know well jose they made a decision that there was a line they had to draw. what they could defend legally and that's what they've done. they also knew that on the republican side, look why not wait. why not -- the question was why not wait until the new congress came in and they standby the answer they gave when they made this decision to go forward with these immigration reforms. and that is we've waited long enough. nothing has changed. the people who are against it are going to continue to be against it. we're not going to change minds here. and so they move forward in the way they felt they could legally and knowing what the political
7:06 am
implyications were. >> thank you all. we'll, of course, be watching what the speaker says when he does come out of that conference meeting. appreciate your time. right now he's still behind closed doors. you can see everything is set and ready to go. we're awaiting the speaker to come out. we'll, be of course of course monitoring that situation closely and let you know what he says and what they decided to do as far as a caucus. well another great thing about all this walking i've been doing is that it's given me time to reflect on some of life's biggest questions. like, if you could save hundreds on car insurance by making one simple call, why wouldn't you make that call? see, the only thing i can think of is that you can't get any... bars. ah, that's better. it's a beautiful view. i wonder if i can see mt. rushmore from here. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. ♪
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7:09 am
now clinton versus bush. that would be jeb versus hillary clinton, of course. as both get closer to deciding if the matchup will be a reality. both made headlines at two separate events last night. starting with hillary in new york city. addressing the league of conservation voters. a group against the keystone pipeline. as our own headline put maybe it was an awkward day for hillary clinton because she was in new york raise money for em battled louisiana senator mary landrieu who wants the pipeline built. good to see you. >> good to see you. thanks for having me. i know, you asked the head of the league about that kind of awkwardness last night. what did he say? >> well, he was being a good team player. he waived it off. he pointed out the family goes back a long way and she was doing her part as a democrat.
7:10 am
it does show a little bit of dissidence here. landrieu lead the effort to pass the keystone pipeline. two hours later she speaks before the league of conservation. and she refused to take a position one way or another. she's been asked about it for months. she's been asked about it in canada where the pipeline would bring oil. she, so far, is say she's going to wait until the u.s. department makes a decision. >> what was the message last night? >> heshe gave a sweeping message. that climate change was the most important issue. she praised the president's efforts. they were happy with her message. they think she's gotten a bad reputation on environment from some on the left. nothing on keystone. i think that's going to don't haunt her. >> let's talk about her speaking schedule. right now with events at least until february of next year
7:11 am
including two in canada what is does her 2015 schedule say about possible 2016 plans? >> yeah. this is interesting. if we read the tea leaves here. she has a speech scheduled in late february in silicon valley and two in canada. we don't know but they look like paid speeches. they're before private group. there's no law that said you can't run for president and do paid speeches. it doesn't look great. it suggests she hasn't 100% made up her mind about running or a calendar for running. you know, if you know you're going announce in the end of january, why schedule a speech in the end of february? so she could cancel it of course. at the moment it seems to me that her future is still up in the air in her own mind. >> yeah but, i mean, it's true. there's reported to be making about $300,000 a speech. if you haven't made up your mind yet, why not put them in your schedule and cancel if you decide to run for president.
7:12 am
it's a big coin. >> she definitely could do that. it's just interesting she would, you know, agree to do them in the first place. and, you know, these aren't -- the speeches haven't been controversial. these are for the ones in canada are for a bank there and the one for silicon valley is for tech companies. less controversial for her to take their money. it creates another date that is hanging out there she's going to have to negotiate as she plans her role into 2016. >> thank you so much for being with me. appreciate your time. i want to move now to the jeb bush part of the conversation. speaking last night in washington where, well no surprise 2016 came up and raised some gop eye brows with the comment. >> i kind of know how a republican can win, whether it's me or somebody else. it has to be much more uplifting, more positive much more willing to, you know be
7:13 am
practical now or lose the primary to win the general without losing your principles it's not an easy task. >> let's get right to it. thank you so much for being with me. robert, you advised the last bush in office. how is what jeb said going to resonate with the republican party as 2016 fast approaches? >> i think so. and the reason why because he was a successful governor for two terms. he's bilingual. she's been a strong proponent of education reform and immigration reform. and also with a lot of conservatives feel comfortable with him. he's a conservative but he also has the ability to be able to transcend partisan politics. most conservatives like him, most conservatives know him, and most -- all floridians know he has a record of success. and the only downfall if you will frankly, his father and
7:14 am
brother was president before and the question becomes whether or not americans are comfortable with another bush in the white house. but when you take a look at jeb bush the candidate he is perfect on paper. >> except the right wing echo chamber, we're talking about some conservatives on radio, et. cetera say he's not even a conservative at all. that he's a democrat. that he is crazy on immigration reform that he's got common core problems. that's what a lot of people in the republican party are saying. forget what the democrats are saying. >> those same republicans said that george w. bush was wrong on immigration back in 2006 when he tried to push immigration reform the same conservatives said that harry meyers who was george w. bush's conservative nominee for the supreme court also said he was not conservative enough. those same conservatives said george h.w. bush was not conservative enough when he raised taxes in 1991. the same conservatives said reagan wasn't conservative enough when he raised taxes four times in the white house. with all due respect, there is a breadth of the party that thinks
7:15 am
whoever the nominee is going to be is not going to be conservative enough. that's the history of the republican party and some conservatives. >> i would only add that ronl reagan passed the real last amnesty we've seen in this country. let's talk about how jeb entering the race and how it could change the equation for hillary clinton. >> i don't think it affects whether -- what kind of campaign hillary clinton runs whatsoever. you're going have a very interesting kind of dual screen primary play out. it hillary clinton decides to run she's the opponent the prohibited favorite. that's pretty obvious. on the republican side it's a gang fight between, you know, the conservatives and the other candidates who aren't conservative but the other conservatives say they're not conservative. jeb bush is going to be put in that corner, you know and his explanation about, you know, in order to win a general election you have to be willing to lose a
7:16 am
primary. that may sound good but the reality is if you look how the republican primary is front loaded in particular to punish candidates that are aren't, if you will moderate or sent resist than the other republicans, it's difficult to see how, you know, that strategy succeeds. once you get in the race, what ends up happening you start getting pounded by, you know cruz and other republican conservatives who say you're not a true republican. you're not a true conservative. and because you're not going to be doing well in those early states specifically iowa and new hampshire you'll start moving to the right. once you do that you basically sow your seeds for defeat. >> why is why he's saying right off the first primaries. it didn't work for giuliani for example, had he ran. he waited for the process to arrive in florida. by the time he got to florida he was pretty much out. >> that's exactly right. what happens now in the republican schedule in order to try to have a nominee earlier to
7:17 am
avoid what happened last time, you know, they want to have a schedule where the republican whoever the republican nominee is more time to campaign. they're going to -- they're front loading the schedule. you'll have a race to the finish that is much sooner which actually is more of a detriment, i would argue, to a guy like jeb bush who has a lot of floss as a candidates i would say. to run against a pretty expabsive field filled with a lot of conservatives who are going to punish him every day in order to rally their own base. >> real quick, how do you deal with that? >> well, i think you deal with it in reality. the reality is the republican national committee announced that a replay of 2012 is not going to happen in materials of the republican primary process. that's number one. but also number two, one thing that we haven't talked about. that is the voters get to decide. and, you know, he's a good friend of mine -- >> but the voters -- >> hold on. to use the word punish is not the right word. the voters get to decide here. and the question becomes -- go
7:18 am
ahead. >> you're right. the voters will decide. but the voters in republican primary are conservative. and far more conservative. that's the reality. whatever candidate ends upcoming out of the republican primary in 2016 you have to admit, is going to be more conservative than when they came in. >> and let me ask this because we saw what happened for example, with romney in the primaries -- >> exactly. -- >> he had to go on immigration, for example, hard right. when he went to the general he was trying to backtrack. words matter and how do you backtrack on very major policy statements? >> you're exactly right. look, there's no question about it that mitt romney was bloodied. i had limped to the finish line. no question about it. the republican primary process in 2012 was interesting. the reality is the republican leadership addressed that issue in terms of limiting debates and also nerm it is of changing the primary schedule. so a replay of 2012 i disagree is probably not going to happen.
7:19 am
>> that doesn't change the fact that you're going to have -- >> here is the reality -- >> jeb bush is a conservative and conservative like him. >> we have to wrap this one up. i'll have you both back on. i'm thinking that maybe jeb and hillary will be in the headlines for some time to come. we're waiting any second to hear from speaker john boehner. he's yet to arrive from that closed door meeting. and when he does we'll bring you his statements live so you won't miss anything here on "the rundown."
7:20 am
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this is the equivalent of the sugar in one regular soda. and this is one soda a day over an average adult lifetime. but there's a better choice. drink more brita water. clean, refreshing, brita. i go back to washington, d.c. on capitol hill where we're still expecting speaker boehner to come out from the closed door meeting. the gentleman there in the red tie has been looking at his smartphone for the last ten minutes. we're monitoring this situation
7:23 am
as closely as he's monitoring that cell phone. as soon as he comes out, we'll bring you all the details the speaker clearly has been meeting with his caucus to talk among other issues about immigration after the president's executive order that was released which would grant about 5 million people that are living in the shadows without documents in the united states. the possibility of coming out from those shadows and registering and among other things getting a work permit paying back taxes, et. cetera. we're going to expect to see the speaker talking about that issue in moments on capitol hill. we'll be right back. we're keeping a close watch on that for you. curling up in bed with a favorite book is nice. but i think women would rather curl up with their favorite man. but here's the thing: about half of men over 40 have some degree of erectile dysfunction. well, viagra helps guys with ed get and keep an erection.
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ring ring! progresso! i can't believe i'm eating bacon and rich creamy cheese before my sister's wedding well it's only 100 calories, so you'll be ready for that dress uh-huh... you don't love the dress? i love my sister... 40 flavors. 100 calories or less. and developing now on capitol hill still waiting for speaker boehner. we were expecting him at 10:00 a.m. eastern time. that's 7:00 a.m. pacific time. if you woke up at 7:00 to catch the show you're already at work and starting work and she's still not out from the meeting. we're going to keep an eye on
7:26 am
it. of course, let you know what he says. it's important the first meeting after the president's executive order on immigration. i'm sure he'll have something to say. our kasie hunt is live from capitol hill. what do we know? and what is taking so long? >> hey, jose. well, you know, these caucus meetings have a reputation for being contentious and potentially long. so i wouldn't say that having to wait this long is necessarily a great sign for how it's going but that said i was down in the hallway and the temperature down there is noticeably lower than it has been for the other contentious fights for issues of funding and immigration and things like that. the plan being pitched is to do what they mean a combination of short term funding for immigration-related homeland security issues, plus a series of appropriations bills that would fund the rest of the government for the next year. the idea being this satisfies
7:27 am
some of the concerns of the more conservative wing of the party who are very unhappy with president obama. there's also a discussion going on about how to take a stance on that immigration order more directly to make that statement more aggressively and directly point at that issue. i think that we have to keep in mind there have been very few times over the course of the last year or two that house republicans passed plan a. while right now they want it to be the plan and want it to go forward to a vote potentially before next week before christmas i think we can't rule out the possibility of a longer back and forth. >> yeah, i mean, they have about a week and a half left. now i understand he's about to come out. they have a week and a half left before they go on break? >> as of right now they have a week and a half left. yesterday senate majority leader harry reid raised the sector of specially working the week before christmas. >> this week we'll pass important legislation to help
7:28 am
families with special needs and prevent tax hikes on millions of families in small businesses. the president, on the other hand ignored the will of the american people and refused to listen. he himself for his decision to take unilateral action on immigration. action he himself said exceeded his authority. that makes it it hard forrer for the american people to trust his word on any issue. before thanksgiving that republicans would fight his unilateral actions. we're looking at a variety of options both for right now and when republicans control both houses of the congress next year. and we'll continue to discuss with our members a number of options in terms of how we will deal with this in consultation again, with the members. but no decisions have been made at this point. >> welcome back. hope you had a great
7:29 am
thanksgiving. let's start with something i never thought i would do or never done before. i grew with chuck schumer. i want to quote senator schumer when he talked about obamacare. he quoted wasn't the change we were hired to make. americans were crying out for the end of the recession for better wages, more jobs not changes in health care. what i see today and you look at the wall street journal, the article today basic cost squeezed families because the rise in health care costs. then you look at the work that chairman camp and senator reid did together to a bipartisan agreement when it came to tax extenders. made a lot of it permanent to help job creation. unfortunately the president disagreed with the bipartisan action. the house will act this week. we'll move extenders and we'll also bring up the able act.
7:30 am
when you look long-term, when there's a broip agreement that helps bring jobs i think it would be best for the white house to agree and move forward. >> okay. that's pretty much when you heard this morning from speaker and from the majority leader. know decision apparently, on a reaction to the president's executive order on immigration. we're going to keep a close watch on what they say here on capitol hill for you, of course report any substantial news coming out of that. i want to go overseas now where there's big news related to the pro democracy protests that have been going on in hong kong within hours the latest protests between clashers and police. three are telling demonstrators to go home and they'll hand themselves over to the police tomorrow. tomorrow. >> to surrender and bear the legal consequences is to respect the rule of law. surrender is not an act of
7:31 am
cowardess, isn't the -- to surrender is not to fail. it's a sign and denounce yags. >> a forbes columnist who focus on asia and has been following the situation in asia. >> the word surrender repeated over and over again by the organizers. >> yes, what they're doing is they're trying to take the temperature down. after the clashes on sunday and monday, which are awful, and those eroded support for the democracy movement. you're seeing other part of the movement trying to get that support back up again. we have the hunger strike by the three students and we have the three older organizers as you heard are going to turn themselves into police tomorrow. >> and you're saying that the clashes really eroded support for the pro democracy demonstrationers. what happens. it seems to me when you look at
7:32 am
the images the people using clubs, batons and pepper spray weren't students. >> no. what we saw on sunday was fighting among the protesters and police. so therefore, you know, frustration has been building up among people in the streets. and clearly we have seen support for the protesters decline as time has progressed. the issues that the protesters stand for they have had the support of most people in hong kong and when these protests are over, many of the older organizers understand that people will rally behind the cause and that's what they're trying to do here by turning themselves into the police. >> so gordon what will be the next step if the people turn themselves into police? i mean, they're talking about surrendering. what is the next step? i think the next step is people are going to be watching joshua who is on hunger strike. he's touching a nerve in hong kong right now. all he's asking is for the hong
7:33 am
kong government to talk to him about the electoral procedures for the 2017 election. and that i think, is clearly gaining sympathy and certainly he's gaining international support for this. and so this is going to be the lightning rod. this is what people are going to be talking about next week. >> yeah. gordon change thank you for your insight. the nbc exclusive everyone is talking about. ray rice speaking with matt lauer about domestic violence and whether he'll ever play in the nfl again.
7:34 am
7:35 am
7:36 am
nearly 4 million babies were born in the u.s. last year. according to the census about two-thirds of moms to the newborns work. you know babies aren't cheap, after all. but the question tomorrow at the supreme court will be can a company fire a pregnant employee because she can no longer perform the major duties of her
7:37 am
job? this woman is the plaintiff in that case. peggy young said ups put her on unpaid leave when he became pregnant. her story is not unique. we met one michigan woman who said she was fired after she became pregnant. >> my doctor initially gave me a doctor's note saying don't do anything that puts you at risk of falling. when i turned that in to speedway it was april 10th of 2013. i was asked not to come to work. i was being taken off work because of my restrictions. >> so they told you you had to take medical leave? >> yes. >> what was your response? >> absolutely not. i'm not. i have 22 weeks left on pregnancy. it's not going to cover me the entire time anyway. i'm not ready to go off yet. i'm ready to work. >> good morning.
7:38 am
>> great to be with you, jose. >> rick wise. you reached out to speedway and they said they couldn't comment on pending legislation. >> indeed they can't comment on pending litigation. what happened in lori's situation is similar to happened to peggy young which is the case before the supreme court heard in oral argument tomorrow. we know lower courts as in these cases have been interpreted the 1978 pregnancy discrimination act extremely narrowly. short of saying to pregnant worker you can't work here anymore because you're pregnant companies can get away with almost anything when it comes to not accommodating pregnant workers. >> i want to say the law says that women who have issues relating to pregnancy, childbirth or related medical conditions, quote, shab treated the same for all employment related purposes. it that's the case.
7:39 am
give us insight into the argument of ups. it's been successful. >> they told peggy young they couldn't accommodate her. it changed the policies so she should have been accommodated. the argument that is being made by peggy young's attorneys if ups accommodates injured workers, if it accommodates disabled workers, then it has to do the same for pregnant workers. so it's not so much special treatment as saying treat us like other workers in our inability to work and not just our ability to woo workrk. >> thank you for your insight. domestic violence in pro sports will be front and center on capitol hill this afternoon when a senate committee holds a hearing on domestic violence in pro sports examining the policies of the nfl as well as professional baseball, basketball and hockey leagues. meanwhile ray rice is speaking out for the first time since the images of him striking his then
7:40 am
fiancè made him the face of domestic violence in the u.s. an ash or it overturned the in indefinitely extension. matt lauer talked to the family asking what he learned over the last ten months. >> one thing you learn is that, you know, we weren't in a perfect relationship. no relationship is perfect. we've had arguments. when you talk about abuse, you know that's something that, you know, we know that. we never crossed that path then did we say things to each other that -- do we want to take back at times? yeah. we've crossed that line before. it never got to an altercation where it went that far. you know that was just very uncharacteristic of myself. i've never -- like, i take responsibility. that was very uncharacteristic. >> you know what people have
7:41 am
said about your wife after all of this. she's a woman in denial. or she's just hanging on to ray rice because he's a football player, he has a big paycheck, and he's got fame and many ways they've been diminishing janay. >> yeah. >> how do you feel about that? i knew my wife before i had anything. i say this in a way where she knows where i'm from. she knows -- we both know where we came from and just to be honest with you. she's very independent. my wife could survive in this world without me. she could survive in this world in society without me. she could have done it on her own. the one thing i want people to understand is she sacrificed her well being for me. and now the role is a little bit reversed. i'm sacrificing my well being for her. >> if you never play football again -- >> if i never play football again, i would be honest with you i would sacrifice more so she could have a better future. >> what do you think it would
7:42 am
take for another owner and another group of fans to put the images of that video bhienldehind and say we'll take a chance on ray rice. >> they would have to be willing, you know, look deeper into who i am and realize that me and my wife had one bad night and i took full responsibility for it. one thing about my punishment and everything going along with anything that happened is i accepted it. i went fully forward with it. i never complained. i never did anything like that. i took full responsibility for everything i did. and only thing i can hope for is a second chance. >> rice said domestic violence is a real issue in society and when the time is right he and his wife want to help others dealing with the issue. up next if black friday and cyber monday aren't your cup of tea. how about giving tuesday? we'll tell you about that next. and the latest hack attack
7:43 am
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you heard of black friday and cyber monday. today organizations involved here across the country are participating the third annual giving tuesday. a day that encouraging chartble giving during this holiday season. msnbc is highlighting various organizations supporting giving tuesday including the nonprofit miami based group amigos for kids. dedicated to preventing child abuse and neglect. >> my mom is a single mother of three. she had to work three jobs to sustain us.
7:46 am
it was there to give me the extra support i needed. >> it was trust, safety it was love and it was just them caring for kids like me. and joining me now is president and ceo of amigos for kids. what a pleasure to see you. >> thank you jose. it's such a well known entity in south florida, but tell the folks that are seeing across the country what specifically your goal is. >> our mission is to create awareness of child abuse prevention. i think it is the responsibility of every single individual whether we have children or not, whether you have kids or not to make sure that we get that message across. there's no excuse for child abuse. we have to be that voice to be that message. >> how is amoe goes for kids participating? >> we've been promoting. it's on twitter and social media. we've sent e-mails to our supporters. and just basically supporting the effort where you give back and just like it started, you
7:47 am
know, you have black friday cyber monday. i thought it was fabulous idea to have giving tuesday. because we have so many blessings. we're such a fortunate country in so many ways. and each of us individually have so much to give back and it's a fabulous time. >> you do so much during the season. one of the highlight of my year when i get a chance through you, to go to homestead, for example, and give gifts to children mostly of my grant workers. a lot of kids have so many needs. they have dreams and aspirations and they want santa to help give the gift they want. >> we spend all year identifying children. there will be over 1200 kids this year that asked for specific wishes and they'll have the wishes come true. it's a wonderful moment during hole days to be able to do that and give that to the kids that may not have it. >> tell me for folks who don't live in south florida how they
7:48 am
can get involved. >> they can go on our website. we're on twitter. on facebook. send us a message. and the message, really i want to get across it's a wonderful opportunity at the holiday season to give to these kids. but throughout the year we have 365 days where we're trying to make a long-term impact on child abuse prevention and our slogan there's no excuse for child abuse. we have to take to heart in all of our communities and do what we have to do for the well being of our kids. >> thank you for being with us. appreciate your time. it's important to note that msnbc is a signature sponsor of giving tuesday. and we will bring you stories throughout the day highlighting the global day of giving back. and before we go who hacked sony pictures. federal law enforcement agencies have their eyes on a certain north korea dictator with a flick mocking him. who knew he had such thin skin
7:49 am
and nice pantsuit. it's been quite a year for hackers. here is five things hacked in 2014. number one ebay. they got hacked in may revealing they stole personal records of 233 million users. time to change the pass wort. number two hacked. not speaker boehner, not repealed hack. over the summer the government revealed malicious software was found on the site's servers but the government insists no personal data were stolen. number three hitting close to home. fort lauderdale two of the official websites temporarily down after threats from the hacker group anonymous over the city's ban on feeding the homeless. jennifer lawrence with nutd photographs of her released online. she called that hacking a sex crime. number five domino's pizza. getting a special delivery from one hacking group in june threatening to publish over
7:50 am
600,000 customer records if domino didn't comply with the $40,000 command. they reassured customers their data was not stolen. that wraps up "the rundown" on msnbc. tamron talks-- i'll see you here tomorrow 7 . time for the "your business" entrepreneur of the week. gabriel wanted funding for wash cycle laundry. his bike laundry pick up and delivery service. he had a tough time getting investors to take the philadelphia company seriously. he boot strapped the business, made some money. i'm only in my 60's. i've got a nice long life ahead. big plans.
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only always discreet underwear has soft, dual leakguard barriers to help stop leaks where they happen most. plus a discreet fit that hugs your curves. you barely feel it. new always discreet. now bladder leaks can feel like no big deal. because hey, pee happens. visit for coupons and your free sample. good morning everyone. i'm tamron hall. this is "newsnation." we've following the war of words over the hands up don't shoot geeze jury displayed by st. louis rams players. the st. louis county police say they were give an apology after expressing outrage with the action taken by the players saying it was unfair to the local police department and
7:54 am
officer darren wilson, but the rams front office now said they did not apologize and they go on to say that the players will not be punished. a ram's executive tells the police chief that he quote, regretted any offense their officers may have taken but the team said that's not an apology. it prompted a tweet defining the word apology. the rams are also not backing down in their defense of the players' first amendment rights. >> as far as the choice that the players made no they're exercising their right to free speech. they will not be disciplined by the club nor be disciplined by the national football league. >> meanwhile it was another night of calm in ferguson which remains around state of emergency. an opposite scene played out earlier in the day in the first meeting of the ferguson commission that saw
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